Thermostats for Electric Underfloor Heating

Programmable thermostats are supplied as standard with all our electric underfloor heating systems. If you would like to buy an additional controler for a competitors electric underfloor heating system, please browse our range of high quality floor heating thermostats.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require a Warmup 3iE thermostat with your heating kit please add the kit to your basket and select the NO STAT option (this will deduct £55.95) from your kit price. Then proceed to the Warmup thermostat page and add the 3iE of your choice to your basket.

AUBE TH232 Thermostat

The new AUBE TH232 series thermostats made by Honeywell are well recognised within the Electric Underfloor Heating industry as the benchmark for all others to aspire to. The TH232 supercedes the TH132-F and 132-AF models and can be used as a replacement unit.

Electric Underfloor Heating - aube-th232-thermostat

TR8200 Touch Screen Thermostat

The new touch screen thermostat from Ambient - Ultimate function and contempory design combine to produce a new bench mark in electric underfloor heating thermostats. Mounts on to a standard 35mm deep flush mounted single socket box. Switches up to 3600w from a single unit.

Electric Underfloor Heating - tr8200-touch-screen-thermostat

TR3100 Floor Heating Thermostat - supplied complete with Remote Control

Remote Control thermostat with an ultra modern look. Switches up to 3600w and mounts on to a standard single box, the TR3100 units offers three switching modes from a single unit thus provide ultimate flexibility and control of your electric under floor heating system - supplied complete with remote control and 3m floor probe.A cost effective and reliable alternative to the more expensive AUBE thermostats.

Electric Underfloor Heating - tr3100-floor-heating-thermostat

Heatmiser PRT-E-V3 Thermostat

The Heatmiser PRT-E-V3 underfloor heating thermostat has been designed specifically with electric under floor heating in mind. It is compatible with all electic floor systems with a total load less than 16A.

Electric Underfloor Heating - heatmiser-prt-e-v3-thermostat

Heatmiser NeoStat-E - Electric Floor Heating Thermostat

Modern design with WiFi capability when paired with the NEO-Hub.

Electric Underfloor Heating - heatmiser-neostat-e

Warmup Tempo Thermostat

Tempo™ is a digital programmable thermostat featuring a modern design and intuitive interface. Suitable for all Warmup electric underfloor heating systems, it allows you to program start and end heating times to reach your comfort temperature in a few simple steps.

Electric Underfloor Heating - warmup-tempo-thermostat

Warmup 3iE Programmable Thermostat

PLEASE NOTE: If you require a Warmup 3iE thermostat with your Ambient heating kit please add the kit to your basket and select the NO STAT option,then proceed to the Warmup thermostat page to add the 3iE of your choice. The 3iE Programmable Thermostat from Warmup. An innovative touch screen thermostat with a full-colour screen. The first electric underfloor heating thermostat with Active Energy Management™ and an extremely easy-to-use user interface.

Electric Underfloor Heating - warmup-3ie-thermostats

Warmup 4ie WiFi Thermostat

The Warmup 4iE WiFi Controller finds you lower energy tariffs and smart ways to lower your usage. You can view your energy costs with graphical displays and comparisons

Electric Underfloor Heating - warmup-4ie-wifi-thermostat


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