Insulation Products for Electric Underfloor Heating

Insulation should be considered an integral part of your underfloor heating system. If the sub floor you are laying your system on to does not have insulation beneath,  it will be necessary to provide insulation directly beneath the heating system to ensure manageable heat up times and to minimise running costs. Ambient offer a number of cost effective options to enable correct insulation beneath your heated floor.

XPS SR Insulation

XPS SR insulation is for use beneath laminate or wood floor electric underfloor heating systems use with ThermoLAM electric underfloor heating systems. Use either single (5mm) layer or double layer (10mm) for increased efficiency.

Electric Underfloor Heating - xps-sr-insulation

Marmox Tile Backer Insulation Board

Marmox is a premium reinforced tiele backer / insulation board particularly well suited to use beneath electric underfloor heating applications. Installation below the heating cables or mats on an existing un-insulated concrete or timber sub-floor will greatly reduce warmup time and subsequent running costs.

Electric Underfloor Heating - marmox-tile-backer-board

Blueboard Insulation

Blueboard is the name given to our own brand styrofoam (xps)insulation material, designed and manufactured specifically for use beneath under tile mat heating systems when going down on a solid base.

Electric Underfloor Heating - blueboard-insulation

Therma-Coat Primer

Uprade to this high tech floor primer for increased efficiency. Reduce heat loss by up to 20%.

Electric Underfloor Heating - therma-coat


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