Under floor heating improves circulation say medical researchers

In fact, medical research has proven that electric underfloor heating is beneficial for those with circulatory diseases affecting the lower body. Sufferers of diabetes, prone to lower levels of circulation will benefit in particular. The heating system works as a warning signal for those who suddenly lose sensitivity to temperature in lower parts of the body, particularly the feet.

The benefits of under floor heating are not restricted to those already suffering with poor circulation though and can actually be a preventative measure for bad lower-body circulation. David Goose, from Ambient Electrical the leading providers of floor heating, said: “With under floor heating, heat rises up from the radiated floor in a constant flow of warm air. This is known to send an even wave of heat throughout the body from the balls of the feet up to the top of the head. When used consistently, this promotes good circulation and can help avoid the onset of certain circulatory complaints.”

With traditional methods of heating the home or workplace, a contrasting heat system within the body can be created with the body feeling warm while extremities such as the fingers and toes left out in the cold. Such stark differences in temperature between different parts of the body can result in bad circulation. With underfloor heating mats, heat rises consistently in a smooth, unbroken wave and traverses the body from toe to top. As a result, those suffering from circulatory diseases will often feel the benefits as well as the comfort of under floor heating.

The latest underfloor heating mats from Ambient Electrical can be installed under surfaces such as tiles, wooden floors and traditional carpets. The mats work on a grid like system, providing a uniform temperate heat. While aiding with better circulation, making them particularly suitable for circulatory disease sufferers and the elderly, the heat from underfloor heating is disseminated with a minimum of air disturbance.  This can help those living with complaints such as asthma as irritants known to trigger attacks and are not dispersed as freely in the air, this allows for a clearer respiratory tract and easier breathing.


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