Under Floor Heating – The Legislation

Under floor heating has become an increasingly popular way of heating bathrooms, conservatories and kitchens. By installing electric heat mats the temperature can be carefully controlled and the systems provide a viable and affordable alternative to traditional heating systems. It is important however that under floor heating is installed correctly and regulations that concern the fitting of under floor heating systems concern not only the electrical installation but also issues of heat and carbon emissions.

David Goose from Ambient Electrical, the leading providers of electric under floor heating, said, “The electrical installation of an under floor heating system should always be carried out by a certified electrician. There is significant wiring and electrical circuitry in the systems and 2008 regulations now mean all mains voltage under floor heating systems should be suitably earth protected for safety.”

Building regulations also require the floor to have a maximum temperature limit (currently eighty degrees) and that there should be a limit to the temperature of the floor area where people will walk. The most straightforward way to satisfy these requirements is to install a thermostat with a floor temperature sensor and for users or the installer to program the thermostat appropriately.

Ambient Electrical, specialists in electric under floor heating, also point to the fact that under floor heating results in less carbon emissions which helps buildings meet tighter environmental regulations. Under floor heating typically has a flow temperature and a return temperature much lower than traditional radiator heating systems.

There are therefore various factors to take into account when considering an electric under floor heating system. It should be installed by a qualified electrician with a modern thermostat in order to carefully control the temperature of the floor area and to ensure all electrical regulations are complied with. Once installed it may also help your house meet stricter environmental building legislation as your home is more carbon friendly.


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