Invest In Under Floor Heating For Increased Efficiency And Warm

David Goose from Ambient Electrical, the leading providers of electric under floor heating, said, “Under floor heating systems have become extremely popular in recent years mainly because when compared to the conventional methods of heating it is extremely cost effective, and for the elderly or those particularly concerned about the effects of the cold weather, these systems are the ideal solution.

There are three popular types of under floor heating systems including water, gas and electric which is the most efficient option. There are factors to take into account when considering an electric under floor heating system, and it should be installed by a qualified electrician with a modern thermostat in order to carefully control the temperature of the floor area and to ensure all electrical regulations are complied with.  Once installed it may also help your house meet stricter environmental building legislation as your home is more carbon friendly.

Mr Goose added, “While investing in underfloor heating may initially seem expensive, it will help to reduce your energy bills in the long term making it more of an investment.  We would advise anyone interested in under floor heating to contact us and we will certainly be able to chat to them about how energy efficient under floor heating can really be.”

For more information on any of the under floor heating systems available from Ambient Electrical, please visit their website at


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