“Invest In Under Floor Heating,” Say Ambient Electrical

Under floor heating provides a host of health benefits such as improving circulation, especially in the lower body. People who suffer from bad circulation in the feet and legs, diabetics and asthma plus other allergy sufferers, could profit greatly from having floor heating. Reduced air circulation means less dust floating around, resulting in a cleaner, healthier home life. The system works as a handy warning signal to those who suddenly lose sensitivity to heat in the feet or legs.

Underfloor heating also has monetary benefits. Providing a 25 per cent reduction in fuel bills, you can be sure you’ll be saving a ton of money that can be spent wisely elsewhere! David Goose from Ambient Electrical said: “Underfloor heating is actually the cheaper option long term. As well as saving you money, the system is also great for those with circulatory diseases. As heat rises from the warm floor, it sends an even wave of heat throughout the body, from the feet to the head. When you use this system time and time again, it has proven to avoid the onset of circulatory complaints such as cold feet and a generally cold body.”

The firm has a wealth of electric under floor heating solutions, designed to keep these complaints at bay. All their systems are Earth screened and compliant with IEE regulations. They come with fitting instructions, complete with drawings and all the parts you’ll need.

For more information, please visit http://www.ambient-ufh.co.uk or follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ambientltd.


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