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Look After Those Pennies With Ambient Electrical

As the economic downturn shows no signs of subsiding, up and down the country homeowners are looking to increase their homes energy efficiency with simple changes that make a huge difference. Now Ambient Electrical, the leading providers of under floor heating are highlighting how underfloor heating could save you those all-important pounds.

Praised for its energy efficiency, underfloor heating is relatively cheap to install, it removes the need for unsightly radiators and heaters and there is no maintenance required- ideal for any family home.

David Goose from Ambient Electrical, the leading providers of electric under floor heating, said, “The benefits of under floor heating have been known for years, especially for those who are keen to save money on their energy bills. It may seem a foreign prospect to buy something that will then save you money, but underfloor heating will not only save you money, but also raise your properties value when it is time to sell up and move on.”

Making sure that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the rooms above, underfloor heating systems work differently to radiators, where most of their energy is spent heating the rooms at ceiling level. By the time the warm air from the radiator drops down to living level, it can be much cooler and in many cases wasted. Under floor heating works by warming the air at living level and cooling as it rises to the ceiling, ensuring that none of that precious heat is wasted!

Most commonly used in conservatories, and bathrooms where the floor spaces are often tiled, the radiant heat generated is not lost through your walls and ceilings.

Mr Goose added, “We would advise anyone interested in under floor heating to contact us and we will certainly be able to chat to them about how energy efficient under floor heating can really be, after all in these bleak economic times- every penny counts!”


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